Fürchterliche Hermann lrThe story of an incredible transformation, moving and funny!

Herman is a guard dog and always angry. He barks at everyone who dares come near him. Not even the birds settle in his garden. But then Stig arrives on his bicycle. He wants to know what is really the matter with Herman. Once he manages to silence the yapping dog, he finds out that Herman doesn’t really like his life as a guard dog and that he really wants to be something quite different: a dancer. That Herman once more digs up the old ballet slippers is due to Stig, the real hero of this story, because Stig doesn’t for a moment doubt that a sinister fellow with a big mouth can be sensitive, too. A moving and funny story that orchestrates the crazy idea of the transformation of a fierce mutt into a dreamy dancer with relish.

by Ulf K. & Oliver Scherz

Peter Hammer Verlag | picture book | hc | 24 pp | 190 x 290 mm | 2012 | 3+

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[original title: Der fürchterliche Hermann]